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Five Awesome Whiskies for Father’s Day 2018

It’s that time of year again - the day when we all give thanks to our fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, father figures… or anyone else we feel has a fatherly influence that we feel deserves rewarding. Our dads are great; they offer us guidance and support, are always ready with a joke, a quip, or a groan-worthy pun, and are never far away when something needs fixing, barbecuing, or a nod of approval.

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Food and Whisky Pairing: The Barbecue Edition

Now that the sun is shining, the days are longer, and we’re all up for spending plenty of time outside in the good weather, our minds immediately start turning to the kind of al fresco dining we all love the most: barbecue.

Food and whisky pairing is sometimes presented as being a highly complex art, which requires years of training and a finely-tuned palate.

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Popcorn and Wine Pairing Perfection

You can always tell whether or not a food trend is a mere flash in the pan by looking at whether or not it has started being seriously paired with wine. In the case of popcorn’s recent renaissance, there’s no longer any doubt about the fact that the artisanal twist on everyone’s favourite movie snack really is here to stay. Indeed, popcorn has more than entered the arena of luxurious light snacks, and all over the world, popcorn makers are taking this wonderful nibble to new and exciting heights, using high quality corn, a massive array of flavours, spices, and brand new taste combinations which really get our mouths watering.

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