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Sparkling Wine Vs Champagne - 5 Best Champagnes


Let’s talk bubbles today! Any and every wine that gets an effervescence is termed as a sparkling wine then what really is the difference between the two? Surprisingly enough, it’s all in the terroir, yes, literally!

These are some must haves for a variety of wine to be categorized as Champagne;

  • The sparkling wines that are produced in the native land Champagne, France can only be termed as champagne.
  • The cuvée is often a perfect blend of dark-skinned Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes accompanied by the finest Chardonnay.
  • Must be vinified using Méthode Traditionelle which means that the secondary fermentation of the wine should be in the bottle itself, which helps in trapping the carbon dioxide, hence, making the champagne so fizzy and bubbly.

So any other wine that is bubbling, but not from the region Champagne is basically called Sparkling wines. Cava, the bubbly variety from Spain is extremely sparkly as we call it as it is also matured in the Méthode Traditionelle but cannot be called Champagne because of where the grapes are cultured. Yet, sparkling wines are gaining a lot of love these days. The floral off-dry frizzante from Italy called Prosecco is any sommelier’s fav pick these days.

Wines are elegant and loved by all, still we can’t really pick the best one because it really depends on the aromas you relish!

Champagnes are complex with a toasted flavor, whereas most of the sparkling wines are on the sweeter sides with citrus notes.

Well, if Champagne is your pick then we might just have a little treat for you! We know, there are a number of champagne houses competing in the global front and it can be really difficult to know which ones to go for.
Good for you that we always have a solution so here are the best 5 champagnes that you should get your hands on.

1.Armand de Brignac

Armand de Brignac or what is more commonly called the “ Ace of Spades” because of the luxe logo on the bottle is one of most exquisite champagnes out there with a history dating back to 250 years cultured by the Cattier family of France, now acquired by the famous rapper Jay Z. It is extremely bubbly, just what you expect out of a good wine and has sweet notes. Ace of Spades comes in 5 varieties ;

  • GOLD BRUT - Dry and crisp with hints of creme and red apple 
  • ROSÉ - Full-bodied cuvée enhanced by notes of black fruits such as blackberries
  • DEMI-SEC - Well aged wine with candies blueberries and raspberries
  • BLANC DE BLANCS - No reds just a blend of Chardonnay and Côte des Blanc with floral accents and some fresh acidity
  • BLANC DE NOIRS - Newest to the collection and needs to be aged more still it is extremely complex with aromas of almonds and peach, and some herbal hints

2. Dom Pérignon Blanc

Dom Pérignon is said to be the first person to actually produce the world’s first champagne. While we don’t know if that is a myth or a fact, but can definitely vouch that this one is worth its price. It’s a half and half blend only of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and is aged for a minimum of 7 years oozing out stronger taste profiles of almonds, cocoa, and dried flowers. What makes this wine so lush is the fact that this is one of the vintage wines and is produced from a single good crop of a certain year, the latest one being Dom Pérignon 2009. For wine lovers, this premium French wine is a euphemism for the greatest champagne.

3. Beau Joie Brut

New in the game, but definitely reaching its way to top by producing aged champagnes with great elegance and finesse. Beau Joie Brut has a beautiful copper casing that will lure you to get a bottle home, but what’s inside the bottle is even better. The cuvée is 60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay and zero dosage giving it a very rich structure. Dominating yeasty notes with aromas of citrus and flowers gives it an intense acidic flavor. Due to the strong taste of the Pinot Noir and absolutely no sugar, Beau Joie Brut has meaty qualities that make this one of the boldest wines out there.

4. Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial rosé

This one certainly defines a tropical state of mind! One the most famous pink bubbly in the world, Nectar Imperial rosé is a fine product of three traditional champagne grape varieties grown in rich soil. Piquant notes of strawberries, grapefruits, squeezed lemon and a finish of sweet spices and peppermint leave a lingering taste on your palate. The full-bodied dry rosé has a crisp aftertaste that defines the well-structured character of this beloved wine.
These translate into luxury and are perfect for the celebration of a dear occasion. Pour a glass of this Nectar Impérial Rosé with some dark cocoa chocolate for the ultimate bliss.

5. Laurent Perrier La cuvée Brut

One of the most famous wine houses, Laurent Perrier is totally amazing at what they do. Concentrated Chardonnay makes this one a light bodied champagne with a luxuriant mousse of small bubbles. The tastes of La cuvée Brut are accentuated with a floral and citrus bouquet of green apples, pear juice, and lime.
Laurent Perrier believes in maturing their Brut in the cellar for quite some time before hitting the wine stores, this aging really develops the flavor profile giving a dry and crisp finish.
This Brut variety goes best with some oysters or bacon!

We will be back to talk more about wines!