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5 Best Wines For Newbies

Wine consumption is steadily increasing across the globe. It continues to be a favorite drink amongst people since centuries. From exploring white wines to red wines, you will truly love dwelling in the land of wine. For beginners, stepping into the world of wines can be very baffling. You may not know what is the difference between a sauvignon and sauvignon blanc. You may get absolutely confused deciding from where you should start your venture of exploring wines.

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6 Things to Avoid If You Love Wine

Probably the best way to spend a perfect evening with your loved ones is with delicious food, great music and a bottle of your favourite wine. A lot of us know about the features which improve a wine’s value and how to combine wine with different foods. However, there are a few basics about drinking wine the right way that we are usually unaware of. Read on to find out.

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8 Secrets To Throwing The Perfect Wine & Chocolate Party For Your Friends

Want to become everyone’s favorite host? Throw a wine & chocolate party!

Believe us when we tell you that it’s one of the easiest parties to throw. You don’t even have to be a sophisticated sommelier or a party expert. It’s nothing like hosting a sit-down dinner or even a cocktail party. It requires very little shopping, preparation or cleanup. Depending on the wines that you choose, it can be surprisingly affordable.

With some basic knowledge and preparation, you can pull off a smooth and fun event.

Check out these useful steps and handy tips for a memorable party-

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Creamy Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Dare to go bold with your vino! Try adding a creamy and chocolatey touch to your innate wine.

Explore the all new taste of ultra hot chocolatey red wine with this awesome recipe that we're sure you will drool over on.

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Holiday Cocktail Idea #1

In search of a new cocktail for the holiday season. This is a unique combination of ingredients and sounds like a few would make the holiday's a lot smoother. Check out this special cocktail called the Chai Yai Yai

chai yai yai

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