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Decorative Bottles Of Liquor To Give As Gifts-9 Great Choices

So your husband’s birthday is coming up and you want to gift him something special. Perhaps you are visiting friends and want to gift the host something celebratory to express your gratitude for being invited. Or, maybe you want to show your appreciation to your colleagues by giving them something that is delightful and memorable. Chances are high you won’t go wrong with a bottle of liquor.

Here are 9 great choices for gifting a bottle of liquor (don’t forget to tie a bow around for that extra special effect!)

1. Johnnie Walker Scotch Blue Label W/ Glitter Design

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is developed from various exceptional and rare Scotch whiskeys. Great to enjoy with iced water, this whiskey offers an inimitable sensory experience. Pleasant notes of hazelnuts, sherry, oranges, and honey are the first to be felt. After that comes the bigger pleasures as if purposely kept for later! These are ginger, sandalwood, dark chocolate, and kumquats. This drink blends honey sweetness, dots of pepper and dried fruits, and finally well-balanced, soft smokiness. The glitter design available in various attractive shades makes it an exceptionally attractive gift item.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 


2. Don Julio Anejo Tequila 1942 W/ Glitter Design

This Anejo is a small batch version named after its founder Don Julio Gonzalez-Frausto Estrada. The year 1942 comes from the fact that Don Julio first distilled Tequila in 1942 when he was just 17 years of age. The drink has a pleasant mix of fruity, spicy and woody tones which is sure to impress its recipient. Characterized by flavors of pepper, warm oak, and cinnamon, the smooth, silky tequila tickles the palate with sun-ripened tropical fruits, roasted agave, spiced undertones, and vanilla. As with the Johnnie Walker Whiskey, this bottle is available in different eye-catching glittery colors for presentation.

Don Julio Anejo 


3. Remy Martin Cognac X.O. Limited Edition France

This cognac has been developed from no less than 300 Eaux-de-vie. The color is a delightful deep amber-copper. Aroma-wise, the drink brings together jasmine, hazelnut, cinnamon, juicy plums, and candied orange. It is soft on the palate, well-balanced, complex and smooth. The beautiful gold bottle and gold box glorify the dazzling ebullience of the XO decanter.

Remy Martin Cognac X.O. 


4. Segura Viudas Sparkling Reserva Heredad Brut Cava Spain W/Glitter Design

Here’s something that goes well with Alfredo creamy pasta! Segura Viudas wines are from Spain’s well-known Penedès region situated on the outskirts of Barcelona. Aged on the lees, the Cava has notes of bread or biscuit followed by touches of honey, flower petals, and fruit. It impresses with its superior fruity palate, light smokiness, and elegant refreshing presentation. Some good news for the meat eaters – it is a great pairing for chicken and pork. The silver glitter bottle is as attractive as the taste.

Segura Viudas Sparkling Reserva 


5. Luc Belaire Sparkling Brut Rare France W/Glitter Design

Dry and light, Luc Belaire has a crisp finish. It is refreshing and very drinkable. The characteristic aromas are grapefruit, lemon, peach, and citrus with white flowers. Though best had as a well-chilled aperitif, it is a versatile food partner, going well with grilled vegetables, seafood, and even poultry. The bright colors of the decorative bottles would be a real feast to the beholder.

Luc Belaire Sparkling Brut 


6. Allimant Laugner Cremant D'Alsace Brut Rose W/ Glitter Design

The Cremant D’Alsace Rosé Brut makes for a great gift to anyone who loves fruit intensity and mild rosé. Based on Pinot Noir, this sparkling wine is elegantly but discreetly powerful. Along with the fruity aroma, there are touches of flowers and red berries. Fine bubbles, firm structuring and a fairly expressive palate are other notable features of this drink. Its glitter design is highly suitable for anyone who loves glitz and glamor.

Cremant D'Alsace Brut Rose 


7. Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne France 2009 W/ Glitter Design

The sweetness of honeysuckle emerges from this Cuvée that also offers delightful notes of candied apricots and citrus compote. The yellow-gold color of this ethereal and delicate wine is enhanced by the gold labeling and gold box. Perfect to make the recipient’s day! When aerated, Louis Roederer gives out the aroma of vanilla-tipped cocoa bean along with toasted hazelnut and tinges of cinnamon and licorice. A sculpted and structured yet energetic palate is another experience to expect.

Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne 


8. Saint Grigor Brandy Armenian 18 yr W/Glitter Design

Brandy from Armenia has a reputation of its own. If the legend is to be believed, Churchill loved it so much that he communicated to Stalin his requirement for a regular supply. Armenian brandy makes use of only indigenously produced grape varieties. It is developed by a way of double distillation. Help your giftee add to his variety of brandies. Gift him a beautiful bottle of Saint Grigor brandy from Armenia with beautiful silver or gold glitter, whichever you think will be better liked!

Saint Grigor Brandy 


9. Stolichnaya Elit Vodka W/ Glitter Design

This Russian vodka of ultra-premium nature is manufactured through freeze filtration (the vodka is filtered at -18 degrees Celsius). Slightly grainy and with tinges of wood, the drink also gives out the pleasant aroma of aniseed. A refined and supple vodka, the notes of charcoal in it blend smoothly with a creamy, oily palate. The finish is long, eventually becoming mildly sweet. The elegant and sleek bottle of Stoli Elit Vodka is also available in a delightful glitter design for gifting.



Customization always lends a personal touch. So, once you’ve chosen your preferred liquor bottle, you can request for a suitable engraving. Why not go a step further and add a handwritten note as well?