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7 Delicious Boozed-Up Chocolates You Must Try

Good alcohol doesn’t always belong in a glass. Sometimes it belongs in your kitchen where you can add some nice twist to it. Chocolate lovers out there always look for more exciting flavors and creations that will make it more fun. Well, various companies out there also want to give some exciting combinations of chocolate such and high-end liquor. This is a chance to mix two rapturous ingredients to bring out the best in them.


Liquor filled chocolates are a match made in heaven. But the only way to experience the true palate of this combination is if you pick the right boozy chocolates. This is because often combinations give out an extremely sweet and waxy taste that may feel more like a cough syrup.

For instance, the moment chocolates like Mieszko praline cherrissimo touches your taste buds the vibrant mix of cherry with rum, dry white wine or almond amaretto will mesmerize you and that is how wonderful these two ingredients can mix.

Here are 7 outstanding choices of boozy chocolates that will dwell around with their rich smack.

1. Abtey Moments Rose Champagne Chocolates: This is the master of the art of mixing the celebratory champagne with chocolates. The Abtey chocolate box is a blissful mixture of dark chocolate with the refreshing flavors of Pink Marc de Champagne 15 cork liquors. The gourmet dark chocolates and pink champagne indulge to offer a perfect luxurious gift. This is a mouth-watering combination of champagne and chocolate that leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth which you will continue to relish every bit. Abtey possesses the knowledge of preparation unique crust without sugar and the secret to preparing chocolate filled with liqueur.

You can expect such unique flavors from Feletti Sapori di Italia too. It is a milk chocolate filled with cereals and hazelnut cream that bursts into a delight in your mouth.

2. Baileys Original Chocolates: This is the epitome of chocolate with layers of Bailey's Irish cream liquor that fills the shells to the brim. The collection creates a rich, indulgent mixture of chocolate and liquor that turns the wonderful experience of tasting chocolate into perfection. These offer a breath-taking fusion of Belgian chocolate blending smoothly into our favorite Bailey`s cream liqueur. If you have tasted and enjoyed Baileys Original Chocolates that softly covers the liqueur filling with milk chocolate then you in a treat when you get a hold of MarieBelle`s Whiskey truffle box.

3. Prestat`s London Gin Truffles: A hard liquor like gin could never pair any better with chocolate other than in the case of Prestat`s Gin truffles. London gin that holds fame from across the world as one of the finest spirits combines with the infused lemon and juniper berries that gracefully blend into a dark chocolate ganache wrapped in creamy milk chocolate. The chocolate feels like a war of flavors between lemon fizz cocktail and gin and the result is an amalgamation of flavors. The sour touch with a deep dark chocolate flavor flowing over it is an amazing choice of liquor chocolate.


4. Domior Dark Chocolate with whiskey: This is yet another creation of pure art that delivers remarkable flavors of chocolates in combination with adventurous liquors. The glorious mixture of dark chocolate in whiskey that you taste in every bite of Domior Dark Chocolate with whiskey is a moment to cherish forever. The gentle chocolate cream that is left crackling inside the crunchy wafer ball is glazed with chocolate and presented to entice. The scotch whiskey adds smooth perfection to the inner cream and bursts in your mouth.

5. Francois Payard`s Vanilla Rum Truffles: Francois Payard`s macaroons are for sure prepared in heaven but their chocolates are straight from another planet. Like their pastries, their rum truffles also carry a unique taste. The soft rush of vanilla that caresses the rum melts mildly to blend gradually with the dark chocolate. The chocolate is appropriately crunchy and dusted with cocoa that entices with its looks and flavor that rings forever. If you enjoy the mix of vanilla and rum here then you have to try Ginja9 chocolates that are a mix of cherry liqueur and chocolate cups.

6. Rendez Vou`s Remy Martin Liquor: If there is one gift you shouldn’t fail to take home for yourself, it is this box of happiness. This will introduce you to new levels of flavors. The perfect mouth-watering ratio of chocolate and Remy Martin is to die for. The Cognac bleeds its way into the chocolate as you take a bite. This chocolate box delivers everything you dream of in a liquor chocolate.

7. Sorini Chocolate Pralines Box: The assorted flavors make chocolate tasting more fun just like in case of Sorini Chocolate Pralines box. The Sorini Box contains 5 different flavors that bring nutty, buttery and creamy together. The flavors will leave you undoubtedly enchanted and there is a flavor choice for everyone packed under one box. If you ever forget a valentine day then head straight to buy this collection that will surely turn the night around.