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10 delicious cocktails to try this New Year

Finally, it’s time to bid goodbye to the year 2018 and greet 2019. And there’s no better way to welcome the new year than by having a dashing booze party with your loved ones. So, here we go with 10 delicious cocktails to try this New Year.

Before we go with the list, let us see at some thumb rules to prepare cocktails which help to make great cocktails with a variety of desirable yet novel tastes.

Making Cocktails – Thumb rules

Here are a few tips on making great cocktails.

#1 Be cautious about the ingredients

Not all ingredients go well with each other. So be very careful while selecting the ingredients for cocktails. Try the combinations only if you are sure that the ingredients and their tastes go well with each other. This is only for parties. If you are alone at home and are ready to taste terrible things, you can try and discover new combinations. Never take the risk of trying new combinations on the spot in the parties.

#2 Limit alcohol

7 cl. Of alcohol is the maximum amount of alcohol that you can use in cocktails, be it in short or long drinks. This has basically two reasons – one, you should not get intoxicated and second, to preserve the taste.

#3 No Multiple types of eau-de-vie drinks in one single cocktail

Never mix grain-based spirits like whiskey, vodka, etc. with wine-based spirits like cognac. They just don’t go well.

#4 No Dairy Products with Fruit Juices

Never combine dairy products like milk, curd, eggs, etc. with fruit juices. They don’t combine well.

#5 Go in order

Always follow the order of the recipe, if ice has to be put before pouring on the cocktail, it must be so. Never mix the steps up.

With these rules in mind, let us now look into the list. Here, we shall look first into the ingredients. We shall then look into the recipe, which is common for all the cocktails.

#1 Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

Image Source

This never stops to be on the must-have cocktail for the new year’s party. While nothing beats this to drink on a summer day, the fresh ginger taste that it has makes it all perfect to try in winters. What more, ginger is also good for your immune system.


Infinium Vodka (2 oz.) 
Fresh lime juice (1 oz.) 
Can ginger beer (1 oz.) 
Fresh mint leaves for garnishing(optional) 
Lime wedges for garnishing (must-have)


Add ice to the serving glass and add all the ingredients one-by-one. Make sure to add beer at the end. Then garnish the drink. This is the method followed for making most of the cocktails in this list.

#2 Giggle Juice

Giggle Juice

Image Source

This combo of Moscato, vodka and lemonade is perfect for complementing to the fun. And yes, as the name suggests, this is the perfect accompaniment for the ‘giggle’ time of the girls.


Sugar (to rim the glasses) 
Lemon slice (to rim the glasses) 
Moscato (750ml) 
Pink lemonade (3 c.) 
Vodka (1 c.) 
Lemon-lime soda (1 can) 
Strawberries (sliced, 2 c.) 
Lemon (1 no’s, sliced into half-moons) 

#3 The Macallan Copa

The Macallan Copa

Image Source

This gives the fresh taste of lemon along with the exhilarating taste of Macallan 18. This is a must if you are hosting a whiskey party.


Macallan 18 Whiskey (35 ml) 
Manzanilla Sherry (15ml) 
Fresh lemon juice (half, squeezed) 
Tonic water 

#4 The Diddy

 The Diddy

Image Source

This combines the Ciroc vodka and lemonade, both enriched with the citrus essence and also very easy to make. You may serve this as one of the basic cocktails on your menu.


Ciroc Vodka (1.5 oz.) 
Lemonade (1.5 oz) 
Lemon wheel for garnishing 

#5 Whiskey and Ginger Ale

 Whiskey and Ginger Ale

Image Source

This combines the smoky finish of Johnny Walker Black with the fresh spicy taste of ginger, to give a new kind of treat for the taste buds by complimenting each other.


Johnny Walker Black Blended Scotch Whiskey (50 ml) 
Ginger Ale (150 ml) 
Few ginger slices to garnish 
Let the garnish be a little different with the ginger.

#6 Tequila Sunrise

 Tequila Sunrise

Image Source

Let this drink denote the rise of the next year, bringing in the new hopes and happiness in the lives of both you and your loved ones. This combines the taste of tequila along with the sweet grenadine and the subtle sour taste of orange, making it one of the classic cocktails.


Don Julio 1942 Tequila or Institucional Tequila (50ml) 
Orange Juice (110ml) 
Cranberry Juice(10ml) 
Orange (1 wedge, for garnishing) 

#7 Drunk Jack Frosties

 Drunk Jack Frosties

Image Source

This bright colored cocktail will surely grab the attention of your guests first by its looks and later by its taste.


Vodka (1 c.) 
Champagne (1 c.) 
Blue Curacao (1/2 c.) 
Lemonade (1/2 c) 
Ice (3 c.) 
Lemon Wedge 
Sanding sugar (for rimming the glasses)

#8 Jingle Juice

 Jingle Juice

Image Source

This one combines the bliss of Christmas and New Year, giving the feel of Santa through its red color. It has the goodness of cranberries combined with the sour taste of lime with Moscato, prosecco and the sweet cran-apple juice. No wonder if you start the jingling of bells within minutes after drinking this cocktail.


Cran-apple juice (4 c.) 
Vodka (1 cup) 
Orange Liqueur or orange juice (1/3 cup, whichever available) 
Fresh lemon juice (1/4 cup) 
Maraschino cherry juice (1/2 cup) 
Fruit flavored candy cane sticks, orange wheels, lemon slices, cherries – for garnishing.

#9 Chelada


Image Source

This is one of the classic combinations of lime with beer. This refreshing drink if one of the top favorites of the beer lovers there, thanks to its simplicity, both in taste and preparation.


Salt (a pinch and for rimming, as required) 
Tajin (pinch) – optional 
Persian limes (1-1 ½ fruit, juiced) 
Victoria Beer (or any other beer) (12 oz.) 

#10 Hot chocolate Cow

 Hot chocolate Cow

Image Source

How can anyone forget chocolates when it comes to parties or even casual drinking meetings? This one is perfect for those chocolate lovers out there. This slightly deviates from the thumb rules mentioned before, try this out and see if this works for you. The method here slightly varies, we shall look into it.


Vodka (30 ml) 
Triple Sec Liqueur (15 ml) 
Chocolate Sauce (30 ml) 
Hot chocolate powder (2 spoons) 
Hot milk (200ml) 
Kit Kat or any other chocolate for garnishing


Prepare hot chocolate with chocolate powder, milk, and chocolate sauce. 
Add Vodka to the glass and fill it with hot chocolate. 
You can also add ice cream(floating) 
Put the triple sec liqueur. 
Garnish with Kit Kat.

This was the list of cocktails you must try in the coming year. Happy New Year!!!