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10 cocktails to serve on your Christmas party

With Christmas around the corner, brainstorming the perfect party ideas are inevitable. This year no matter what the theme is, include these outstanding cocktail recipes to the list to soak in some delicious boozy drinks.

1. Hot buttered rum

This cocktail is a smooth blend of rum that forms that buttery base which is enriched with a spice like cinnamon. A warm mug of this amazing drink is a lovely Christmas cocktail to cherish.

Hot buttered rum

What you need:

1. Ground cinnamon
2. Vanilla extract
3. 1 spoon of brown sugar
4. 1 small slice of butter
5. Ground nutmeg
6. 2 cups of rum

How to make:

1. Add brown sugar, butter, and spices at the bottom of a tall mug and mix them well.
2. Add rum, vanilla extract, and hot water to the top of the mixture and serve it with a stick of cinnamon.

2. French 75 

This is a simple mixture of gin and lemon juice that offers the perfect balance of sugar and citrus. This French 75 is a classic cocktail brimming with floral flavors all over.

French 75
Source: VinePair

What you need:

1. 1 cup of Ace of Spades champagne
2. ½ cup of lemon juice
3. ¼ cup of sugar syrup
4. 1 cup of gin
5. Lemon twist

How to make:

1. Mix the lemon juice, sugar syrup, gin and champagne in a shaker along with some ice
2. Strain the mixture into a glass and garnish with lemon peels.

Note: Alternatively use honey in the cocktail instead of sugar syrup.

3. Whiskey maple Chai punch

This cocktail that can be prepared with bourbon is a boozy touch to a lovely cup of chai. It gathers the enticing flavors of citrus, maple syrup, and apple to bring a lovely palate to the table.

Whiskey maple Chai punch
Source: Saveur

What you need:

1. Orange bitters
2. 3 cups Bourbon
3. 2 cups of chai tea
4. 1 1/2 cups of lemon juice
5. 1 ½ cups of maple syrup
6. 2 cups of dry hard cider
7. 2 cups of apple cider
8. Apple slices
9. Lemon wheels
10. Cinnamon sticks

How to make:

1. Mix the bourbon, cider, lemon juice and chai tea along with some orange bitters in a shaker with some ice.
2. Add a few slices of apples, lemon wheels and cinnamon sticks to garnish and serve.

Tip! Jack Daniels honey will be a lovely choice of whiskey to use in this recipe with its soft honey flavor.

4. Peppermint Christmas Cocktail

This rich cocktail is brimming with the peppermint flavors that reflect the holiday spirit. The whipped cream blends well with peppermint to offer a lovely drink to cherish this Christmas by your fireplace.

Peppermint Christmas Cocktail
Source: Life's Ambrosia

What you need:

1. Hot chocolate mix
2. 1 cup Whole milk
3. ¼ the cup Creme de cacao
4. Peppermint schnapps

How to make:

1. Prepare regular hot chocolate and add creme de cacao to the mixture.
2. Add some peppermint schnapps to the mixture and blend them together with some ice.
3. Garnish with some sprinklers and serve this delightful drink.

5. White Christmas Margarita

Like the gorgeous snowfall that fills the festive season this lovely Christmas white cocktail is the perfect holiday drink to try this that combines the sour citrus flavors with refreshing berry.

White Christmas Margarita
Source: Pinterest

What you need:

1. ¼ cup Coconut milk
2. 1 cup silver tequila
3. ½ cup of Gvori vodka
4. ½ cup lemon juice
5. ½ cup mint
6. 1 lemon peel
7. Sanding sugar
8. Cranberries
9. Rosemary

How to make:

1. Mix tequila, vodka, lemon juice and coconut milk in a shaker along with some ice and blend them together.
2. Rim the glass with lime and dip it in sanding sugar.
3. Pour the mixture into the glass and garnish with lemon peels, rosemary and cranberries before you serve this delicious drink.

6. Cranberry Mule

This is the perfect autumn cocktail that combines the spice of ginger with a flush of sweet cranberry. The rum adds punch to the drink and makes a lovely serving for Christmas dinner.

Cranberry Mule
Source: WonkyWonderful

What you need:

1. Fresh cranberries
2. 1 ½ cup simple syrup
3. Granulated sugar
4. 3 cups of ginger beer or 805 beer
5. 2 cups of cranberry juice[unsweetened]
6. 1 ½ cups of spiced rum

How to make:

1. Prepare the cranberries for garnishing. Add cranberries to simple syrup and remove them with a spoon.
2. Place these cranberries over the wire cooling rack and refrigerate them for 30 minutes.
3. Remove them and when the berries get sticky toss them into a bowl of sugar and coat them.
4. Place them in the wire rack again and refrigerate.
5. In a mug add cranberry juice, ginger beer or 805 beer, simple syrup and beer along with some ice and shake team.
6. Strain the drink into a glass and garnish with the cold berries and serve.

7. S`mores tradition 

This drink is brimming with the creamy mixture of dark and white chocolate with a punch of Remy Martin with the added marshmallow. This makes a perfect Christmas cocktail to enjoy this season. You can replace the Martin with some Blue label to create a punchy drink for your celebrations.

S`mores tradition
Source: Delightful E Made

What you need:

1. 1 cup Remy Martin or Blue label
2. ¼ cup of Godiva Dark Chocolate liqueur
3. ¾ cup of Godiva White chocolate liqueur
4. 1 egg white
5. ½ cup of chocolate syrup
6. Toasted marshmallows
7. Graham crackers

How to make:

1. Add some ice to a cocktail shaker and include Remy Martin or blue label, chocolate liqueurs, syrup, egg white and shake to mix them well.
2. Strain this into a cocktail glass and add crumbs of graham crackers and toasted marshmallow to serve this drink brimming with the joy of this holiday.

8. Mulled wine

There is no winter party without a lovely glass of Mulled wine. The spices gracefully blend into the floral tones of the wine to make a cozy and delicious cocktail to enjoy together.

Mulled wine
Source: The Spruce Eats

What you need:

1. 1 bottle of dry red wine
2. 1 cup of brandy of your choice
3. Orange peels
4. 8 to 10 cloves
5. Fresh ginger
6. 3 cinnamon sticks
7. 1/3 cups of honey

How to make:

1. Combine all the ingredients in a small pan and warm the ingredients in medium heat.
2. Boil this for over 25 minutes and add honey in the end.
3. Strain and garnish with some orange slices before you serve

9. Rumchata Egg Nog

What is Christmas without eggnog? This amazing twist to the traditional eggnog recipe is the perfect creamy drink to sip by your fireplace.

Rumchata Egg Nog

What you need:

1. 5 egg yolks
2. 1/3 cup of sugar or honey
3. 2 cups of milk
4. 1/4th cup of sanding sugar
5. 11/2 tsp of cinnamon
6. ¾ the cup of heavy cream
7. ¼ tsp of nutmeg
8. 1 tsp vanilla
9. 1 cinnamon sticks
10. 1 cup of Rumchata

How to make:

1. Moist the end of the glass and dip it in a mixture of cinnamon and sanding sugar.
2. In a saucepan add egg yolks and sugar and whisk it to a creamy consistency. Now add cinnamon, vanilla, milk, and nutmeg and cook it for 10 minutes till it gets thick.
3. Remove from the heat and add heavy cream to the mixture and RumChata and refrigerate.
4. Garnish with some nutmeg and cinnamon sticks to serve.

10. The Christmas Sangria

If you cannot wait for summer to slurp some amazing Sangria then you can prepare a Christmas special Sangria to enjoy this festive season.

The Christmas Sangria
Source: Living Locurto

What you need:

1. 1 cup of cranberries
2. 2 granny smith apples diced
3. 1 bottle apple cider
4. 1 bottle of tres coronas wine
5. ½ cup pomegranate arils
6. Rosemary
7. 2 clementine’s sliced thin

How to make:

1. Mix all the ingredients together in a shaker and along with some ice.
2. Strain and serve the drink in a cocktail glass.

With these lovely drinks, you can celebrate the spirit of Christmas in a delicious way.