Want to become everyone’s favorite host? Throw a wine & chocolate party!

Believe us when we tell you that it’s one of the easiest parties to throw. You don’t even have to be a sophisticated sommelier or a party expert. It’s nothing like hosting a sit-down dinner or even a cocktail party. It requires very little shopping, preparation or cleanup. Depending on the wines that you choose, it can be surprisingly affordable.

With some basic knowledge and preparation, you can pull off a smooth and fun event.

Check out these useful steps and handy tips for a memorable party-

1. Start small

Use a small dining table or a coffee table and cover it with an attractive looking table cloth. You can keep the chocolates in mason jars or broad bowls. Keep the seatings basic- use bean bags, squashy arm chairs; or whatever is available. Make it informal, comfortable and fun.

2. Chocolate selection

Make sure you have different types of chocolates- white, dark, milk etc. Remember that people have different tastes. Keep them in separate mason jars/ bowls.

3. Wine selection

Do some research for the perfect pairings and get your wines according to the chocolates. There are two combinations that work best- match sweet with sweet and sweet with dry sophistication.

A lot of people prefer dark chocolate with red wine. You may pair your favourite dark chocolate with Joseph Phelps Insignia Red Wine or Terra D' Ora Zinfandel Deaver Vineyard 2014 Amador County.

4. Keep palate cleansers ready

They are needed to refresh the palates while tasting wines. Butter crackers, pretzels, water work great. They will prevent the interference and mixing of flavours.

5. Munchies out

Keep a few snacks to munch on before serving the real deal. You may set out some chips, crackers, nuts, pretzels to get the party going.

6. Tasting order

Wines should be lined up according to the tasting order. It is recommended to sample wines from dry to sweet. You may start from Martini and Rossi Prosecco Doc Italy and move on to Flora Springs Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 20.

7. Leak Proof waste buckets

They are helpful if your friends want an 'out' in case they don't like a particular wine. These will be very handy for people who are experimenting.

8. Wine on!

Engage your friends as soon as they enter the party and make sure to follow the basic commandments of wine. Uncork the bottles, allow the wines to breathe and let the party begin!

Even though you are the host, take it easy. Just remember these simple tips and let the tipsy tasting begin!