Catching up with your old buddies is always fun. Though there are many occasions
where you can enjoy a glass of wine, a reunion with your pals is certainly the best.
If you’re looking to make the celebrations all the more exciting, we have covered
up 6 wines that you should definitely include in your reunion party.


1. Champagne:
Can a party be complete without a champagne? Absolutely not. This sparkling
wine is probably the best drink that you need to cherish when you reunite. It is

produced from the grapes region in France, justifying its name. It is very
refreshing, light and can pair very well along with a wide range of foods. A bottle
of champagne is all what is needed to perk up your night by beating the blues with
its bubbly effect.

2. Nebbiolo:
Nebbiolo wine may look pale and not so very bright but this will certainly give you
an experience worth remembering. Produced from a variety of Italian red grapes, it
has a light red color with the aroma of the roses and tar. Though it looks like the
traditional Pinot Noir wine, it has grippy tannins and a high acidic concentration.
Simply let it stay for 45 minutes, consume it and watch it spread its colors. You
can eat foods like mushrooms, winter squash and chocolate cheesecakes.

3. Shiraz:
This is a robust and strong wine made from the Shiraz grapes found in the
southeast region of France. It is commonly produced in South Africa and Australia.
Though its name originated from a city in Iran, it is nowhere related to it. It is
renowned for its strong black fruit flavors, high ABV and tangy undertones which
give it a bold taste. This booze will let you enjoy your party and will warm you in
no time.

4. Chardonnay:
This wine is extremely pleasant and rich in flavors of vanilla, caramel, citrus and
butter which gives it an amazing taste. Chardonnay is creamy and acts like a sweet
tooth in between your meals. It works as a substitute for the hot buttered rum and
eggnog. It originated in France but is produced in almost every wine region. It is
one of the most awesome varieties of the sparkling wines and will certainly give
that oomph to your party.

5. Sangiovese:
This red wine is extremely popular everywhere because of its earthy and rustic
taste. It can complement every food item including the vegetarian treats and winter
food stuffs. Sangiovese is a perfect drink to go while you’re remembering the good
old days and raising a toast. Relish in an amazing party while sipping your favorite
drink. It suits with food stuffs like pizza, vegetable tagliatelle and tomato sauce.

6. Cabernet Sauvignon:
You won’t know how incredible this wine is until you try it. It is produced from
one of the most widely recognised grape varieties. Drink a sip, revive the
memories of the past and have a good time. Cabernet Sauvignon is more than
simply a companion to go along with the food. It will take you to places as it is
known to be a thinking person’s wife. It is not so easy, astonishingly subtle and

Now that you know some wonderful wines, include these in your reunion party and
thank us later for having a cherishing get together.