Wine consumption is steadily increasing across the globe. It continues to be a favorite drink
amongst people since centuries. From exploring white wines to red wines, you will truly love
dwelling in the land of wine.
For beginners, stepping into the world of wines can be very baffling. You may not know what is
the difference between a sauvignon and sauvignon blanc. You may get absolutely confused
deciding from where you should start your venture of exploring wines.
Worry no more, as we have listed 5 wines for you which are perfect you to start off with the
adventure of wine. They are unique, special and pair well with a number of food items.

1. Shiraz:

This one of the most populous wine for the beginners. It is pronounced as Syrah or Sirah in
France. It feels velvety, smooth and has a delicious flavor. You can feel several tastes like that of
blackberry, black cherry, licorice.
This wine can be paired well with chocolate and can be accompanied with several foods like
grilled vegetables, beef stews, wild game, lamb, and sausage.

2. Chardonnay:
It is one of the most renowned and dearest white wines amongst all the wine consumers and
producers in the world. It is produced specially in regions like Burgundy, California, Italy,
Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Chardonnay has a discreet aroma and has scent of
vanilla imbibed with traces of spices like cinnamon and clove. It is produced and manufactured
in warmer climate.
It typically has tropical flavor like that of banana, apple, or like that of dry fruit like apricot. It
pairs perfectly with cheddar cheese, seafoods like crabs or salmon, chicken pork and even
desserts and home made chocolates.

3. Pinot Noir:
This is one of the varieties of the red wine which originates from burgundy. It is bred all around
the world mainly in France, California, Washington, and Oregon. It is typically strong and
jarring but also has the sweet tones of vanilla and rose. Pinot Noir is not very harsh and feels
comparatively light in the mouth. It is said to be a moderate dry wine. It can be best enjoyed with
roasted duck, salmon, mushrooms, and pork roast.

4. Cabernet Sauvignon
It is one of the most popular red wines, which is produced worldwide. It is loaded with berry
extracts and is rich in alcohol with a variety of flavors, like black cherry and blueberry. Cabernet
Sauvignon is casked in an old barrel which helps in producing an unlikely vanilla flavor having
little traces of coffee, toffee, and chocolate.
This wine is usually defined as a dry fine as it doesn’t leave behind any residue and initiates a
crinkling sensation in the mouth. This wine pairs best with cod fritters, beef and short ribs.

5. Merlot:
This is the second most desired variety of red wine amongst people across the world. It started
off its production in Bordeaux but is now produced almost everywhere. Merlot grapes are
typically found in in France, Italy, California, and Switzerland. This wine is very rejuvenating
and tastes of vanilla, mocha, and cloves which makes this wine very toothsome. This wine is full
bodied, a little dry wine and can be coupled with a number of food items like chicken, fish, and
lightly-spiced red meats.